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This week Patrick Boyer tells of his influences from living in New York and shares his creative world back in Canada.
Vicky: What drew you to illustration/design? Patrick: A mix of odd jobs, photography & wanting to seem sexy and artistic. Vicky: Do you have any formal design training? Patrick: Not really, I studied Communication, but I did often take naps in the visual artís department. They had a fantastic couch! Vicky: Where are you originally from? Patrick: Ottawa, Ontario. Vicky: Where do you live now & what drew you there? Patrick: After 4 years of wandering the world, Iíve now a semi-stable studio in Vancouver. Vicky: Where is your studio and can you describe it for me? Patrick: Itís a short walk from the Ocean, in a 2 story Heritage building (which for us Canadians usually means a 100 years old). Vicky: Who or What is your biggest inspiration? Patrick: The internet. Vicky: Do you keep a scrapbook? Patrick: I do - mostly random thoughts, daily lists and coffee stains. Vicky: What are your interests outside of illustration? Patrick: Painting, photography, reading, cooking, yoga and running, to name a few. Vicky: What would be your dream job/commission? Patrick: Perhaps working on a Tim Burton movie poster or CD cover for Wolfmother. Vicky: Who is/are your art hero/es? Patrick: Andy Warhol, Dali & Blu (Berlin Street Artist).

Vicky: If you were not an illustrator, what would you be? Patrick: A hobo (but with really fashionable clothes) and multiple round the world tickets. Vicky: Have you any hidden talents? Patrick: I make really strong coffee and apparently my guacamole taste like heaven. Vicky: If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Patrick: Thatís the million dollar question. Iíve always wanted to go back to New York, love the Lower East Side and Chelsea area, yet living in Europe seems a good fit too. Vicky: If you won the lottery what would you do with the money? Patrick: Iíd hide it all in my little shoes. Of course theyíd be really really expensive shoes. Vicky: Would you continue to illustrate? Patrick: Naturally! Just with more expensive equipment, and my painting can be done outside in my own successful vineyard. Vicky: If you could travel back in time, who would be the one person you would want to meet? Patrick: Perhaps a pot luck dinner with Jim Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Jesus and Andy Warhol. Vicky: What do you have bookmarked? Patrick: Design is Kinky, Perez Hilton, Craigslist and face hunter just to name a few.
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Shop Always changing, but Front is currently holding a soft spot in my heart, itís like a fancy used clothing store. Holiday/Travel Destination Too many, but the last trip I did was to Tofino, most Western point of Canada.
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