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05:30 PM - 22 Jun 17
02:00 PM - 22 Jun 17
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10:45 AM - 22 Jun 17
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01:30 PM - 21 Jun 17
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11:18 AM - 21 Jun 17
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09:00 AM - 21 Jun 17
08:30 AM - 21 Jun 17
#AntonioSoares is known for his #brilliant #drawingskills seen in his beautifully detailed images #artisttwitter.com/i/web/status/8…
03:24 AM - 21 Jun 17
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IMarEST Panorama


full image


Ian Naylor completes an epic panoramic illustration for IMarEST - the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology.

Ian's wealth of experience with marine subject matter meant he was the ideal artist for this project - one that had to show all the areas of interest to IMarEST in the marine world. Starting with a rough visual, Ian's first task was to lay out all the elements in an uncluttered way, resulting in this informative feast which is being used by the client on their website - with roll-overs to access all the different departments.

Anshie Patel of IMarEST says of the work:

"Ian has created an absolutely outstanding and inimitable piece of work for us that gives a hugely valuable overview of the many different sectors and areas within the marine industry. His technical knowledge and eye for detail are unrivalled and he was hugely accommodating with all our needs, changes and additions. In the hands of someone else, this may have been an excessively busy and complicated picture. However, Ian managed to create an intricate but clear illustration that is both informative and elegant. If you want projects completed at an astonishing rate and perfectly executed artwork, I would urge you to use Ian!"

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