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Danny Allison

Graphic illustrator. Lancashire

Danny Allison
Danny Allison is a nomadic British artist currently residing back in his home town on the rainy Lancashire coastline, England. He happened into illustration by accident after being told that his graphic design work was too unstructured. It was a blessing in disguise, and the world of illustration is better for it as his bold and edgy work has come to grace everything from magazine covers to advertising campaigns, and on to music packaging. Danny also works as a professional fashion and portrait photographer, and lectures in creative thinking at the University of Central Lancashire.


Danny studied photography at Blackpool and The Fylde College of Art as well as at Mid Cheshire College. He achieved a Higher National Diploma in photography, and then went on to complete a degree in illustration at Preston University.


There’s no fixed way in which Danny will approach a work. Like many artists he begins with sketches and builds up a composition, but how this is arrived at can involve plenty of testing and experimentation. Working with numerous layered, photographic elements, colours and textures he balances bold marks with subtle detail and stops when he feels its complete.


Movement, action and the sense that he’s depicting a living scene – these are all important aspects of Danny Allison’s style. His images are vibrant, but they wait to surprise you with hidden ideas and meanings. With his photographic background, real-life elements play a large role in his images, and thanks to his digital imaging skills there’s often a sense of the modern meeting the traditional. Danny will accept a brief dealing with any topic, and is proud of the fact that he’s never let a client down.
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My Videos
My Videos

men, hero, ball, basketball, sport, action, motion, movement
music, festival, drums, people, sounds, summer, love, peace, colourful
blackpool map infographics info donkey tower fisn and chips beer kiss zoo pleasure beach
men, hero, ball, basketball, sport, action, motion, movement
food, candy, sweets, ice cream, fast food, junk food, fish, chips, floss, cockles, hungry
brexit, tories, tory, theresa may, ugly, liar, labour, corbyn, money tree
dna, rhino, animals, helix, science, science fiction, cells, blue, futuristic,
type, words, typography, handmade, words, letters, headings,
vardy, soccer, football, stadium, building, sports, sport, goal, team, teams,
seal, animal, nature, sea,  ocean, animal, mammal, fish, swim, predator, museum, danny allison
natalia kaliada belarus free theatre activist fascism dictatorship illustration
food, fish, portrait, food illustration, fillet, salmon, food illustrator, waitrose, fishmonger,
travel takeoff plane transport space shuttle helicopter air show paris satellite runway flight
naomi klein winter cold ice snow xmas climate change capitalism usa flag wind winter
football fa cup soccer premiership sport wigan trophy sponsorship budweiser
conor, mcgregor, mayweather, mma, ufc, boxing, sports, sport, cage, portrait, irish, fans, champion
fast food hot dog ketchup saturated fat unhealthy mcdonalds burger king
football fa cup soccer premiership sport wigan trophy sponsorship budweiser
maths statistcs portrait pie chart urban gritty street brain
david gilmour pink floyd portrait illustration street style graffiti editorial prog banksy
branding packaging nfl american football sport celebrate fans touchdown field goal
uk royal jubilee CANARY queen royalty
packaging lion punk lyon concert celebrate mohawk feral wild animal jungle rock and roll
handout free dole job seekers job rehab chav state gang system government benefits
octopus fish sea aquarium seaweed lobster hunting underwater cave hunter predator
otter crab sealife hunting seal waves water ocean
uk royal jubilee CANARY queen royalty
run triathlon manchester northern water swim cycle 220 jog retro
pizza, lifeaver, ring, help, rubber ring, life vest, rescue, sea, drown, food, pizza, italy
GMO Cover Up, Magazine cover, Text in the background, Red color pattern
animals, tortoise, hare, rabbit, slow, fast, speed, technology, race, win, lose
world cup shennanigans, momento, football cup, country flag, gold color trophy
UFC illustration, Country flag, African man screaming, man with hat standing,
Man with suit, big pen, planets, space, stars, scientist, telescope,
songlines, fela, kuti, hero, famous, singer, african, africa, country, shape, paint, music, world
michael jackson, music, flames, fire, money, thief, flames
woman, fashion, fashion illustration, beauty, beautiful, advertising, rose, young
meteor, baby, space, story, memory, charity, baby, heart, love
collage background, text in background, flames
Sound Tools Text, magazine cover, image collage, music waves
Mans Face, video tape, colorful background
Illustration for poker Danny Allison
Man with Goggles, red stripes in the background, black color
nude girl in front of a mirror, blood dots every where, black and white image in the glass
Playing cards set, Green Background, Rummy tournament
man standing, animals sitting together,
Racing motor cars leaving heavy pollution, black smoke, stop sign on the road
Nature big data text on green background, magazine page, barcode on the bottom
running race, two people in black dress sprinting, red background with finish line
dna, rhino, animals, helix, science, science fiction, cells, blue, futuristic,
running, marathon, sports, fitness, health, activity, body,
revolution, propaganda, obey, music, power, revolt, anti, fist, symbol, power,
melbourne, soccer, football, ball, sport, action, portrait, ethiad, ozzy, leauge
blood, doping, olympics, sport, cheat, paint, watercolour, running, sprint, sporty
footy, soccer, sport, sports, football, advertising, bilbboard, action, goal, score, portrait, blue
score shoot penalty football uefa vienna goal soccer score celebrate world cup illustration
female, imagination, dream, dreams, feminine, girly, pink, dreamy, sleep, asleep, brain, mind,
whale, sealife, aquatic, water, ocean, wales, mammals, nature, typography, type
london, paralympics, disability, advertising, sport, Olympics, Cycling, FLags in the background
fast food, fries,food, fish, chips, food, eat, seaside food, seaside, junk food,
statue of liberty, statue, sculpture, sculptures, icon, travel, new york, usa, liberty,
horn horn animal cattle australia outback skull wild ox bull still life spot
danny allison, banksy, plane, transport, flight, flying, holiday, maps, flags, usa, brazil, take off
packaging food lemons fruit gum advertsing billboard sugarfree chewing gum consumer Danny Allison
bull, animal, food, meat, beef, cattle, cows, farm, dna, field, bulls, breeding
cars, transport , vehicle, motor ,ride, fast ,cash ,money, salesman
king Salman portrait oil price middle east portrait yemen bombing war uae mecca audi  iraq iran
concept ideas conceptual technology nature corporate
branding packaging nfl american football sport celebrate fans touchdown field goal
brain, mind, health, surgery, head, active, mind, dream, brain cell,
king crimson retro music 60s vintage psychedelic band sepia past rock poeple portrait
packaging marlboro ecigs cigs cigarette  smokes packet marlboro lights reds
wakey wakey bladder urine pee brain sleep tired nocturnal daytime wake alarm clock
kfc, chicken, food, advertising, fast food, junk food, fries, bruger,
brain lights usb space travel thinking creative childhood satellite
Watercolor Portrait illustration of Seal
fast food, buger, food, burgers, devil, portrait, eat, horn,
taco, food, mexican, sanfransisco, travel, map, foodie, blogger,
Yellow background pattern, UK flag, Girl in the background, Victory symbol
Party environment, Girl with goggles dancing, festival, dance, summer, party, girl, youth,
people, men, portraits, music, band, album, albums, roxy, retro, vintage
Beer illustration campaign, beer, drink, food, drinks, advertising,
health, man, food, eat, diet, exercise, body, beauty, male, muscle, strong,
tax, savings, business, finance, financial, graphic, type, text, typography
dentist, dental, poison, health, concept, dentists, teeth, baby
dental stress, nhs, pressure, people, time, deppression, mental health, gums,
Dental, Teeth with red lips, Lipstick, Barb wire in the mouth
bbc, bees, dna, cloning, helix, strands, science, science fiction,
religion, jesus, war, propaganda, god, christ, bombs, hate, violence,
moon, planets, galileo, space, stars, portrait, astronomy, astronomer, galaxy,
piano keys, Couple looking each other, mixed background, love symbol, magazine cover
erotic, beauty, sexy, love, heart, fire, fiery,
Rose plant, Opened book with text in it, Roots coming out from paper
People standing all around, black and white image,
Front Runners Text, Magazine Cover, Sportsman Running, finishing line
wind mill magazine, text in blue color, description on the paper
Mike tyson drawing, man with bald hair, devil face, black shirt
love, wedding, romance, couple, heart, best man, flowers, bunting, speech, engaged, propose
branding advert beer Heineken alcohol packaging label beer bottle
female, imagination, dream, dreams, feminine, girly, pink, dreamy, sleep, asleep, brain, mind,
new york, map, buildings, architecture, line work, sky scraper, maps, architect,
footy, soccer, sport, sports, football, advertising, bilbboard, action, goal, score, portrait, blue
dna, rhino, animals, helix, science, science fiction, cells, blue, futuristic,
portrait, stencil, graffiti, man, male, face, spot illustration, glasses, african american,
spot portrait head face people woman man king saudi small humans
psychedelic, drugs, acid, trippy, trip, portrait, spray paint, face, lennon, music,
Sport triathalon illustration by Danny Allison
Para Olympics, Man on wheel chair enjoying Victory, Gold medal
russia, moscow, black and white, reportage, buildings, building, architecture, tourism, holiday,
countryside tractor vehicle honda environmental farm farmland illustration
candy floss, food, sweets, packaging, package, junk, junk food, treats, sugary, sweet, sweeties,
london, paralympics, disability, advertising, sport, Olympics, Cycling, FLags in the background
web, net, communicate, abuse, hate mail, spam, emails, communication, troll, internet, spam, email
ufc, jon jones, mma, champ, nappy, dummy, sports, boxing, martial arts, fights,
christmas xmas snow winter cold ice santa snowflake snowball
summer, fun, nivea, advertising, advert, camp, fire, beach, dusk, scene, heat, sunny
london honey flowers pollen bees pollination urban street city save the bees banksy graffiti
canadian football leauge
lion, africa, animal, roar, yellow, country, safari, king, jungle, animals
crabs anchor boat sailing fishing port seagull fisherman crab catch line water watercolour
india golfer gold homeless rags to riches money pro hindu slumdog espn sport
rapid train bullet train speed rail travel sunday travel
usa flag eagle stepford wives desperate houswives pie church christian picket fence rose religios
car, rac, yellow, transport, vehicl, transporation, wheels, money, dealers, deal,
dance, music, char, cd, packaging, happy, woman, vibe, dances, club, festival
running, win, olympics, sports, sport, sporty, flag, uk , britain,
poker, cards, gamble, gambling, gambler, angry, frustrated, down, stressed,
twin peaks, shelly, portrait, painterly, Nurse, Checks floor, girl watching, cafe, movie, cinema
bee, save, animals, wildlife, insects, pollen, conceptual, digital.
devil, satan, horror, dark, fire, hell, satanic
Girl in red dress, movie, dvd, horro, chains, b movie, action, chinese, japanese
hindu, god, portrait, Girl with an elephant trunk, red dress, fiercy eyes
Evil Seeds, red color fruit, roots in black color, text in the background
mixed, african, woman, beauty, musical, music, stencil, spray paint, painterly, paints, graffiti
Rainbow in the sky, people walking on the road, Couple together
Watercolor Car Illustration
Fitness & Health text, Magazine cover, man standing
lion, roar, africa, king, jungle, wild, feral, animal, safari, zoo,predator
Is Green Melting text in the background, magazine cover, blue background
Mosquito sucking blood, medicines in the background
Motion Graphic display, Colorful line all over, horses running
Music party, Blue background, Text on the image, saxophone, man standing on grass,
Hardware equipment, software, joining hands,
The Big Issue Magazine cover, Helping Children symbol on the page
magazine papers with text composed, colorful images on white background, white swans in water

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