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Jonathan Allardyce

International Digital lifestyle illustrator. Aberdeenshire

Jonathan Allardyce
Now based in Aberdeenshire, where his home overlooks the barley fields of the Buchan plains, Jonathan Allardyce is originally from Merseyside. Previously, he was an art director commissioning illustration work, but today, he’s a full-time creator of images. Working freelance, he gets to enjoy the fresh air and long, northern light of rural Scotland. He enjoys playing the piano, cycling, reading, running and spending time with his family. Meanwhile, Jonathan’s creative heroes include Vincent Van Gogh, Louise Borgeois, Hergé, Chester Brown, Daniel Clowes, Shaun Tan, Adrian Tomine and Marina Bantjes.


Jonathan attended the Edinburgh College of Art where he studied for a BA Hons in Illustration & Photography, then an MDes in Illustration.


Drawing using his touch sensitive Wacom Cintiq display, Jonathan then colours and finishes his illustrations in Adobe Photoshop.


Jonathan creates lively, colourful artwork for books, magazines and newspapers as well as advertising. Lifestyle images are a strength, and his work is clean, clear and figurative, often with a touch of humour.


HOW International Design Awards Merit 2009 Association of Illustrators Bronze in Advertising 2006 GRAMIA Award in Recruitment Advertising 2006
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Sports fashion illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Illustration of a familiar scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark
An illustration for Poker Player magazine by Jonathan Allardyce
people all around, crowd at one place, man and women looking down
Illustration for the World in Your Kitchen Calendar: Mauritius
Lamb, Sheep market illustration
patient in the hospital, family worried medical equipment
man walking alone, person with a bag, Trees in the background
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, People with Painting tools, Man with brush,
Portrait of Lacanian Marxist illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Fruit and vegetables illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
People standing together, Model standing, Boys with funny sign
3 character illustrations for HENRY by Jonathan Allardyce
Girl in the scout uniform, Buildings in the background, Teenager with school dress
Pizza illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Scotland's Books, People sitting together, man and women on couch,
Japanese dress, People eating food, women cooking
Machine illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Car illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
man with small keyboard, red background, Gospel
Illustration of The Trans-Olympic Athlete
Santa sitting on the road, Car on the street, house in the background
Couple in a Bus Shelter, women standing with pink bottoms, man leaning on an Advertising board
man cycling, Pink bicycle, sport event, colorful wheels
Skyscrappers in the background, People partying, Wine Bottle, Air Balloon
traffic street, accident on the road, dog with food
Lemon, Sliced pieces, Fruit
Tea in the cup, Yellow liquid, Powder, Bags,
Think long term, Scholar teaching, person with black coat and black hat
Dog illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
LA BOMBA: Cuban Man with Big Guitar
Portrait of Charles Taylor illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Surgical team working in operating theatre - illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
boy smoking ciggerate, hand in the screen, man sitting on couch
Lily Allen for Zest magazine - An illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Portrait of Italian philosopher, Giorgio Agamben  by Jonathan Allardyce
Condiments and marinades illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Monkey Shoulder, Boys standing with Wine glass and bottle, Animals on people shoulder
Mature Mens Fashion illustration
Yoghurt, Honey, Almonds, Health food
Rip-off chair designs illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
man with black glasses, person with papers in hand, engineering device hanging
corporate person, man riding small cycle, head gear
couple on couch, romantic people, man and women
Man sitting nude, skin infection on a person body
Woolen hat fashion illustration
people with different heights, man with wine glass, over coats
Cheff dress, Kitchen equipment, utensils,
man with big bike, American flag on vehicle, person with red dress
Yellow van, Jeep, Travel bus
Brucelee, kungfu fighther, Karate display, man with a strong body
Yoghurt packing, curd cup, green packet, cherries on the cover
Red Chillies, Pepper, Spicy vegetable, Cooking Ingredient
Variety of dresses, Coat hanging, Man Face
Trendy women shopping - illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Women dressing illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Corporate lounge, security on the run, man sitting on the couch, tobaco pipe, Girl in the bikini
man with hat, person dancing,
Woman working in an office, Illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Arabic Kitchen, People cooking food, Man with raw eatables
Illustration of Dr Martens Oxblood 1461 Vintage Shoes
Craig Barrett as cowboy illustration
Celebrity Love Doctor: Owen Wilson, Man standing on the street, Book stall
Vegetables and bread illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Scotch whisky bottles vector - illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Three of ten music tribes commissioned by Q magazine, man with yellow boots
Men fashion illustration byJonathan Allardyce
Swimming pool in resort with beautiful girls and men - illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Couple standing on road, Man and women in street, Buildings in the background
Man with a knife, Beard person with hat
man watching a ball, yellow color, umpiring a game
fatty man showing his stomach, person with out shirt, bow tie
Movie shooting, Location with full of equipment, People in their work, Man women on a coffee table
Charles Darwin Evolution Theor
Man at ATM on a street illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
security personal, military man fighting, man with a gun
Boy in jumper, Teenager sitting on couch, colorful pattern
rockstar, person playing drums, music band
Statue of liberty  holding cup and saucer - Illustration by Jonathan Allardyce
Line drawing of Fibonacci's intersecting spirals
yellow cab, taxi, vehichle
Model in red dress, Product display, beauty in colorful clothes
Cereal Breakfast, Wheat, colorful plate, food decorated
Fruits, Banana, Apple and orange on the table, Knife to slice
man driving a car, African boy in a cab, boxing gloves hanging

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