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Need help to find the right illustrator?
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Thomas Andrae

Illustration artist. Hamburg

Thomas Andrae
Thomas Andrae studied illustration in Hamburg and since then works successfully in the field of storyboards.

Ranging from a loose sketch to a complex layout, he illustrates any idea in the shortest time and quite often on the spot in workshops and exhibitions.

My availability / fees
Or call +654 9834 2745 to discuss your project
technical view of city with buildings and big screens
Fat cartoon chef illustration by Thomas Andrae
Cartoon girl with birds illustration By Thomas Andrae
Man with Hand on Gear, Car moving in front, persons hand in the vehichle
Thomas Andrae- Animation illustration, Black car moving, pitch dark around
Man standing with bare chest, woman with hands on hips, Girl showing mobile
Man with head gear, aeroplane moving, fighter pilot in the sky
Man taking drink from a girl, people in the bar, party time
illustration of golden retriever and a small dog
man sitting on a chair near fire, dog sitting on the ground, alcohol on the table
human wrestling on the field, black and white lines drawn to create characters,
people on the road, man sitting on cycle
Girl with pink frock walking on the road, buildings in the background
Heavy truck travelling under bridge, Line art of vehichle
Sea creatures, blue whale in the water, people swimming in the ocean
City view in the night, man buildings in the background
Women in the grossery store, items falling down, boy with a ball, keeper arranging products in shelf
Girl with strange face expressions, Hair falling
Multiple cars travelling on the road, road blocked on one side, green car travelling on highway
receptionist with telephone sitting in front of computer
Man coming inside the room with door open, dog sitting with plate in front of it
Line drawing of black and white car racing
heavy truck beside high power lines
Line drawing of a person taping a package
line art design of mixed design
Line drawing of food and tree leaves, eatables on table
Cartoon girl illustration By Thomas Andrae
three animals in orange color sitting on a machine with fan
top view of buildings, green grass all around
Package van travelling on road
Volkswagen van, people in the vehichle waving cloth, empty road with sea background
city view with building and trees in green color
cartoon boy face illustration by Thomas Andrae
Man walking alone in the night, Boy with jeans and tshirt going on the road, cars moving
straw berry and milk mixing together, mans hand stirring the container, food preparation
wooden block with smiley face illustration
line art of people standing on the road, man with white and black dress
policeman standing with helmet on, people protesting in the background, fire smoke in the background
Beautiful hills with cloudy sky, Small house on a green green grass, scenery with mountains
Man sitting in front of do, Dog turning back at the owner, Food in the plate
illustration of golden retriever in a street market
Boy on the tractor going in the farm, Lush green all around, buffaloes walking on the mud road
boy standing under the tree, pencil drawing of a teenager with black and white nature background
Old model cars moving on the road, man driving, building in the background,
hand on the driving wheel, car going in front, black and white background
black and white line drawing of heavy trucks in the background
Apartment building with windows all over, people inside building
Beautiful hill view, Scenic, water between mountains, orange clouds, car on the road
boy with blue color bear suit with green pajamas with bag in hand, man with green dress watching
4 Girls working in front of the desk, Women with red dress turned back, Computers on the table
man with black jumper moving on cabs, taxis on road haulted at the stop
man sitting in front of computer and working on desk
Girl sitting on the table in the kitchen, scenery on the wall, grocessery in the room,
Line drawing of Cars racing on track
Line drawing of heavy truck on fly over
line drawing of a man taping the wall
line drawing of street with people all around
car in the black blackground
man with coat standing with a golden key, person with smiley face
old red car on the road
cars from top view, parking space with vechicles around
blue sky and water with boat
person sitting on chair with all kind of accessories around
street decorated with lights in the night, big vehichles clearing snow on the road
Cooking utensil with smiley face, all sliced vegetable into the water
hands with a knife cutting straw berry, fruits on the kitchen table
Thomas Andrae- painting illustration, white car in the shd, black wheels
damaged car on the raod with top and back broken
people with striped shirts and red caps sitting in a room, wooden wall in the background
Single man flying an aeroplane in the night, red wheel rotating, city view
bottle and glass in hands, man holding alcohol
Small dog on a door mat, heavy wind pushing the animal, red cloth on the floor
Big brown dog and white and black small dog sitting in the garden
beautiful scenery with tree and flowers, girl sitting on bench
man leaned foward with sticks in hand, black and white pencil background, trees and railings drawn
Ricki & Kuno text on yellow background, Cartoon character with smily face
people travelling on the elephant in the forest, jungle with animals, Green trees and blue sky
Truck on the road, safety bars on the highway, Mercedes symbol on the vechichle
White car moving on the road, Vehichle front view
Buildings in the background, people walking in the street
vehichle on road, zeep travelling on grass, house in the farm, dark sky
Man in front of a red tractor, big and small wheels to the tracktor,
man repairing a blur car in the garrage
Person in black dress standing in a rail with gate open
Girl with red bag standing, kid carrier in front, Women standing in lobby
Thomas Andrae- cartoon illustration
Line drawing of a street view building and car
car with wheels from the top view, 4 wheels around, line drawing of a vehicle
line art of people and design collage
Line drawing of outdoor lunch party
two people in the garrage checking car
man eating food with fire on it, person looking strange at eatable, yellow background
buildings with blue sky in the background
2 chefs slicing vegetables and cooking in hot water
illustration of cows grazing in a field

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