Go Suga  
19 Karen Contemporary Artspace
Yakitori, Shime-saba
Beer to start and sake to finish
Kirra Surf shop
No Cure Magazine
Holiday/Travel Destination
Bali, Japan
What led you to become an illustrator? I thought I would use my god gifted talent for something good. Did you study illustration at college? Not so much illustration but did do Diploma of Graphic design at TAFE Where did you grow up? I grew up in Japan until I was 10 then moved to Australia, went back lived in Japan for 3 years when I was 20, came back to Australia and have been living here ever since Do you have a childhood memory memory relating to drawing/art that you hold dear? Yes, drawing with my mum she was good drawer and she taught me. I used to draw a lot with my brothers too. We used to draw comic books. Where do you live now and what drew you there? I live in Australia, my dad brought the whole family here back in 1990. I hated it back then but I love the place now. Good weather, surf, active people. Love it! Describe your studio for us I don’t really have a studio, I do illustrations and paintings from home. In the living room if I'm lucky but usually in the entertainment room since my wife and son are in the living room most of the time. Describe the view from your window I have Bali style kinda garden. It relaxes my mind perfect for painting Who or What is your biggest inspiration? Surf. Nature. Music. Artists. Mythology. Philosophy and all kinds of stuff.
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Do you keep a Scrapbook? No but I have heaps of old sketches flying around the house.. What are your interests outside of illustration? Surfing What would be your dream job/commission? Solo Exhibition in one of the major cities like NY, Paris, Tokyo. Commission would be massive billboard collaboration work with big companies like Nike. What makes a really good client brief? Points out what they want but gives enough freedom for the creator. Who is your art hero? Johnny Romeo Who is your musical hero? Wu-Tang Clan. Jack Johnson. Tupac. If you were not an illustrator, what would you be? A bum Do you have a method for dealing with the feeling of having no ideas? Yes go surf How would someone who knows you well describe you? A Sasian (sexy asian). If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Gold Coast for now. Any place with good surf break and less people.
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